We are a multi award-winning team of musicians passionated by music and films/games scoring.

SCORETHIS! CREW is a new born, set up on our common passion for scoring animated movies and games. By joining composition and mixing services in the same group, we offer a turnkey scoring solution for directors and game creators who are looking for best-of-breed soundtracks for their productions.

Based in France and Sweden, we are working and teaming with a lot of artists from all over the world.

We do record live orchestra in Budapest.


Daniel Beijbom, Lund, Sweden

is the son of 2 musicians and have been playing music since he was a child. He has got many successes especially in the trailer industry, where his cues have been used in many famous Hollywood movies trailers (Planet of the Apes, Bumblebee, Spider-Man,…). He has been awarded the 1st prize in the prestigious TRANSATLANTYK FESTIVAL in 2012 for his score of a short animated movie and won the 2018 Virtual Orchestration Challenge, handpicked by Lorne Balfe, the multi award-winning composer (Mission Impossible, Pacific Rim, Lego Batman, Ghost in the Shell, the Penguins of Madagascar,…).

He scored the Taiwanese feature animated film ARTI: The Adventure Begins, using a mix of real Puppets and 3D animation.


Julien Casel, Bordeaux, France

Based out of Bordeaux, France, Julien CASEL has been playing piano since he was 5yo. Classically trained, his composition style is quite heterogeneous, from Synthwave/RetroSynth to full orchestral pieces. His recent works include a collection of Synthwave tracks (more than a hundred) for Studios, trailer cues works for The Division 2 game (Ubisoft); library music for CRIMESONIC, and some trailer tracks for Cavalry Music, a Los Angeles based company, considered as an industry leader in music publishing for Hollywood movies trailers (their most recent work includes Spider-Man, Dumbo, Mary Poppins, First Man, Bumblebee...).

He just won the 3rd prize in the prestigious BIFSC 2019 (Berlin International Film Scoring Competition). He also received the 1st Grand Prize in Elias Composers Contest 2019 for his adaptive music score (videogames).


Joël Dollié, Montpellier, France

Joel Dollié
is a very talented mixer, based in Montpellier, France. His work can be heard on many Trailer/production music and orchestral music singles or albums. He has mixed tracks for various companies, such as Ubisoft, and top trailer music publishers like Cavalry music. He also had the opportunity to mix music for various artists, such as Simon Khorolskiy, or the Mozart Symphonies 40 and 41 by the Danube Symphony Orchestra and Gavin Fraser.

Joël recognizes just how gradual (and tiring) the process of becoming a well-educated sound engineer can be.

In order to help change that, he wrote an E-book named “Mixing Modern Orchestral Music”. The book talks about modern ways of processing contemporary orchestral music. It also covers various mixing concepts and methodologies, that can catalyze the learning process for aspiring sound engineers. For the same purpose of educating the novices, he also wrote a mixing course “Trailer Music Mixing - Mastering Orchestral Post Production” which explores modern ways to mix orchestral and trailer music.

Joël is known for creating wide and expansive sound worlds by using unconventional mixing techniques.

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